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Tick twister is a simple device designed to remove ticks from animals and men just with a twisting movement  and without squeezing them. You do not have to pull, but simply turn the little stick in counterclockwise or clockwise. It removes the mouthpart of the insect from your skin, avoiding infections such as Lyme’s disease, caused by the Borellia burgdorferi bacteria transmissible through the insect’s saliva. Removing the tick is really easy, quick and painless. In the box you’ll find two hooked sticks: a big one and a little one. Tick Twister is unbreakable, resistant, recyclable and you can use it infinitely. It is tested and approved by vets.
If you want to hike in the mountain or in the hills with your dog, don’t forget this precious and small accessory. The color can be different from the picture.

  • At the end of your hiking check that you, your dog and your clothes are free from ticks
  • Do not try to kill the tick squeezing it with your fingers or with a tweezers. Do not use chemical product or heat on the tick
  • Do not pull the tick towards yourself while removing it
  • After removing the insect, always disinfect
  • Throw the living tick in a bin, but before –if you can do it – stick it on a adhesive tape

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