1 -  The personal information requested during the process of order are collected and handled in order to satisfy the customer  requests and they will not be transferred  to a third part in any case.

2 -  The handler of the information supplied by the client is Maver Fabrizio, with legal office in Alzano Lombardo (Bg) – Via Ribolla 1, P.IVA 03884500160.

3 -  Maver Fabrizio guarantees the respect of the law in matter of personal information handling according to the privacy code DL. Nr. 196 30/06/03.

4 -  Maver Fabrizio could send periodically advertisements by email or SMS only to those clients who have expressed their agreement registering on newsletter and/or blog.

5 -  According to the art. 13 D.Lgs. 30/06/03 nr 196, Maver Fabrizio will proceed to the handling of personal information supplied by the client with respect of the right , of the freedom and of the dignity of the persons, with particular reference to the privacy and personal identity and, however, always respecting the law in matter of the handling of personal information.

6 -  The communication of personal information is optional, but a refusal to supply the necessary ones causes the impossibility to access to the services offered by

7 -  The personal information supplied by the client are collected and managed online and handled –even with the help of electronic processes –directly  and/or through an authorized thrd part  (for exampole serious societies specialized in home delivery or mailing and in data entry) for the following purposes:

-  purposes related to the execution, manage and payment of the purchase order.

-  promotions and forward of advertising material even by emails or SMS only if the client has expressed his consent while registering.
-  fulfillment of obligation of the laws, rules and EU rule.

8 -  In any case the personal information of the client will not be communicated, widespread or sold to a third part , except to the society for the delivery, mailing and data entry. The information could be known only by representative charged by subjects working in Maver Fabrizio offices.

9 -  According to the art. 7 D.Lgs 30/06/03 nr.196, the client has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of his personal information, even if not registered yet. The client has the right to have the communication of:
  •  the origin of his personal information
  •  the purposes and methods of handling
  •  the logic applied in case of handling by using electronic devices
  •  the name of the representatives and of the owner
  •  the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the information can be communicated or that can be informed about in quality of representatives
10 - The client has the right to obtain:

a -  the update of his personal information.

b -  the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the interdiction of the information handled in violation of law included those that are not necessary to preserve, in relationship to the purpose or the collection and handling.

c -  the statement that the acts of the points A and B have been communicated -even for their content- to those who had known the personal information, except for that case when this action becomes impossible or it implies such a use of means that it results excessive in relation to the defended right.

11 - The client has the right to oppose, totally or partially:

a - for legal reasons to the information handling regarding himself, even if relevant to the collection.

b - for the information handling regarding himself to the advertisement material or to the direct sell or to market researches or to commercial communication.

12 - The practice of this right can be done by the client writing a specific request to the following address: Maver Fabrizio – Via Ribolla, 1 - Alzano Lombardo (Bg)
or by mail to: