MAVER FABRIZIO with registered office in via Ribolla 1, CF MVRFRZ74H06A246G and VAT number 03884500160 ( in the following lines “the owner”),as owner of the data treatment inform that your personal data will be treated for the following aims – according to the art.13 UE n.2016/679 as follows GDPR-:


The Owner processes your personal data (for example name, surname, fiscal code, VAT number, address, telephone number, e-mail, bank detail for your payment) as follow “personal data” or even “data” that you  communicated while concluding a purchase or service contract with the owner and /or while registering in the newsletter offered by the Owner.

Your personal data are treated:
A) without your expressed consent (art.24 lett.a),b),c) Privacy Code and art.6 lett.b), e) GDPR) for the following purposes:
  • Closing contracts for the Owner’s services;
  • Fulfill pre-contracts, contracts and fiscal duties related to the relationship with you;
  • Fulfill the duties prescribed by law, by a rule, by Community legislation or by an Authority order (such as anti-money laudering);
  • Foresee or discover fraudulent activities or harmful abuses for the website;
  • Exercise the Owner’s right, for example the defense right in Court;
B) Only after your specific consent (art.23 and 130 Privacy Code and art.7 GDPR), for the following marketing activities:
  • send you e-mails, newsletter, commercial communication and/or ads material on products or services offered by the Owner and surveys about services satisfaction.
  • We inform you that if you are already our client, we could send  you commercial communication related to the Owner’s products or services, similar to those that you have already used or bought, except your disagreement (art.130 c.4 Privacy Code).


Your personal data processing is realized through operations related to art.4 Privacy Code and art.4 n.2) GDPR and precisely: collection, registration, organization, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, block, communication and destruction. Your personal data can be submitted both to electronic or paper automatic treatment. The Owner will hold your data as long as he needs to fulfill written above or at least not longer than 10 years after the end of the relation for the Service objectives and no longer than 2 years from data collecting for marketing purposes.


Your personal data could be accessible for the purposes according to the law art.2.A and 2.B):
- to the owner’s employees and coworkers when in charge of or internal responsible of the management and or administrator of the web system;
- to third party societies or other subjects that make outsourcing activities in behalf of the owner (i.e. support activities that study the customer’s projects,data storage, management providers to our website upgrade …).

Without your personal expressed consent (art.24 lett.a),b),d) Privacy Code and art.6 lett.b) and c) GDPR), the owner will have the possibility to communicate your personal data for purposes related to the art. 2.A) to security agencies, Authorities and to all those subjects whose communication is mandatory by law to fulfill the above purposes. These subjects will process your personal data as self-owner of the processing. Your data will not be widespread.


The management and the storage of your personal data will be on servers settled in the European Union. At the moment our servers are in Italy. Your data will not be transfer object outside the European Union. In any case the owner will have the faculty to move the servers location outside the EU if necessary. In that case the owner ensures since the beginning that your data  transfer outside EU’s borders will be in compliance with the applicable laws, but just after agreements that guarantee  an adequate protection level and or adopting the standard contract terms provided by the EU Commission.

7.Providing personal data and consequences to answers' refusal

Providing personal data for the above purposes according to art.2.A) is mandatory. Without it we would not be able to guarantee the services according to the art.2.A).
Providing your personal data for the purposes according to the article 2.B) is, on the contrary, optional. You can decide not to provide data or lately to deny the treatment of those you have already given before: in such case you will not receive any newsletter, commercial communications and advertisements related to the services given by the Owner. In any case you will continue to have the right to the Services according to the art.2.A).

8.The data subject’s right

i. obtain the confirm of the existence or absence of your personal data, even though not registered yet and their communication in an intelligible form;

ii. Obtain the indication: a) from the origin of your personal data; b) of the purposes and treatment method; c) the logic applied to data in case of treatment made by electronic devices; d) the owner’s personal data, the responsible personal data and of the representative designed according the art.5, par. 2 Privacy Code and art.3, par.1, GDPR; e) of the subjects or of the subject’s categories – subrepresentative or  persons in charge of - to whom your personal data can be communicated or become aware in quality of representative in the Country.

iii. obtain: a) the upgrade, this mean data’s rectification or integration ; b) the delete, the change under anonymous form or the data blocking if the law is broken, even those that are not necessary to be conserved; c) the statement that all the operations related to letters a) and b) are known, even for their content, to  those people whose personal data have been communicated or spread; all this except the case when it is impossible or it involves such an excessive use of devices in relationship to the protected right.

iv. Take position against, totally or partially: a) to your personal data treatment for right reasons, if those are pertinent to the survey aims; b) to your personal data treatment with the aim of ads sending’s, direct sells or even with market surveys and/or commercial communication, through the use of automatic calls systems, through e-mails and/or through phone or post. The opposition right , exposed to the previous b) point, for direct marketing aims thanks to automatic modalities can be extended to the traditional ones and so, the right of the interested subject can be exercised even only for a part. On the consequence the interested subject can decide to receive communication only through traditional ways  or neither of them.
Where applicable, the subject has even the rights according to the art.16-21 GDPR, and the right to claim The Warranty Authority.

9. How to exercise your right

You’ll be able to exercise your right at any moment sending:
  • A return receipt letter to MAVER FABRIZIO – VIA Ribolla 1 – 24022 Alzano Lombardo (BG);
  • An email to the address

10. Owner, responsibles and representatives
  • The treatment’s Owner and responsible is Maver Fabrizio with registered office in via Ribolla 1 -24022 Alzano Lombardo (BG). The upgraded list of the treatments’ responsible and representatives  is guarded at the Owner’s  registered office.

 11.  Changes to the present law

This law can be changed. We suggest you to check regularly this reporting and to refer to the most upgraded version.