In accordance with the European law, all the websites’ managers are obliged to inform the users if, when and which cookies are used and to have the accordance of the users. A “cookie” is a small data file that is automatically sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow us to record your preferences online and to modify our website according to your interests.
Nowadays almost all the browser uses cookies and the user can disable or set them up again in order to signal, for example, when a cookie has been sent. Certain features or services will not work correctly if you reject cookies. 
Maverino uses two kinds of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.
The first ones last as long as the session is active –this means that the session cookies are deleted when the user closes the website or the browser. On the contrary the second ones will survive to the closed sessions and will help us to recognize the user in order to help him to come back easily without login again. The persistent cookies last some days or even some months or years.
Maverino uses cookies to improve constantly the service quality and to see how users visit our website, so we memorize preferences, trace customs and surfing processes.Maverino uses cookies necessary for the regular operations of its website, without them it would be impossible to use the cart or safe connections. We collect data and information about the use of our website and the efficacy of contents, for example which pages had more visits and which mistakes can occur. We consider the setting and preferences of the user in relationship to language, contacts and layout.Cookies are extremely important because they guarantee our security and can detect dangerous activities.
The agreement of the use of the cookies can be disabled any moment just cancelling or deactivating them, but in this case some services of our website could not work correctly.
If you use different devices to display and to enter on websites (i.e. desktop, tablet, smartphone..) you have to verify that every browser on each device is set following your cookies preferences.
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