The courier for our products delivery is UPS and it will be applied an amount that will change in relationship with the weight of the chosen article. The goods shipment is done every day from Monday to Friday except for non-working days, and the esteemed delivery time, barring unforseen events, is about 2/4 working days for italian territory and 3/6 working days for foreign countries. 
For extra UE countries the showed price includes any duty and customs fees.It's important to specify your address clearly (street, house number, ZIP code, square, in the nearby of, etc) and to give a phone number where the courier could contact you in case of necessity, in order to deliver the goods faster. While filling the purchase order you can give a different address, when you already know that nobody will be present by your residence during courier delivery hours (business hours from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.).In this way we'll avoid all the problems related to the unclaimed goods. If the courier can not deliver the goods because of the consignee absence, the goods will be stocked in the nearest UPS warehouse. In this case the customer should contact the warehouse to arrange the pick up, otherwise he can wait for another courier transit. After the third day the unclaimed goods will be delivered back to our warehouses and the related costs will be applied to the customer. Thereafter we will give a coupon to the customer that could be used for following purchases. The coupon amount will be the same related to the shipping costs for the goods return to our warehouse.