€ 39,90

First aid kit Arva necessary for all the excursionists. Its small dimension and its lightness makes it easy to use and handy. The pack has a zip opening and there is a transparent and extractable pocket inside fixed by Velcro.
The kit includes the following Hartmann products:
1 Band-aid roll
2 Medication plasters
12 Sticking plasters
1 Bandage 6 cm x 4 cm
1 Bandage 8 cm x 4 cm
2 Disposable gloves
1 Bandage with pad medium size
2 Gauze 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm
1 Small scissor

  • Dimensions: 15x15x5 cm
  • Zippered opening outside
  • Detachable transparent pocket with Velcro
  • Elastic straps for storing bottles

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